10 Easy Tips for Effective Content Marketing

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Anyone can write content, but not everyone can write quality content. It may seem irrelevant to your blog, but it can certainly make a difference in content marketing. Besides, this is not only about the content but also about where it goes.

Effective content marketing goes in more directions, of course. It requires a thorough strategy, consistency, and, more importantly, quality. Here are some of the best ideas when not sure how to take your technique to another level.

A few words about content marketing

Content has always been part of marketing – more importantly, it will always dominate this industry. People trust brands or follow businesses based on the content they produce. They find something interesting and valuable, and they will follow. These content over the internet statistics for marketers would be useful if you want to know why.

With these thoughts in mind, content marketing will add to the authority of an entity, but it will also draw people closer. In theory, anyone can create content, but not everybody will do an excellent job. Here is how to excel at content marketing.

Tips for effective content marketing

1. Optimize whatever you can

If there is something that can save you time, go for it. Optimize and automate everything you can. For example, Zapier is a great tool for automating redundant tasks.

No matter what can be optimized, there is at least one service out there that can do it for you.

2. Value comes first

The value you provide comes from having great content. “Content is king” only when you write the best article with original content. Avoid duplicate content, but stick to informative and useful article only. Are you interested in checking your content for plagiarism first? Check out Draftable.

Go into different perspectives and focus on things that you can share from personal experience.

3. Post on a regular basis

New content draws the attention of search engines, so post on your blog regularly. Again, try to avoid spinning articles and providing details that most people already know – they have already explored those points of view.

Add value, answer questions, and people will inevitably see you as an authority.

4. Consistency is key

Top-notch content marketing is like a healthy lifestyle. A couple of good posts will not change anything. On the other hand, being consistent with it will provide excellent results in the long run. After all, there is no such thing as overnight success.

If you rewrite articles because you have the same points of view, ensure there is no plagiarism.

5. Multimedia is healthy

Video content is easier to digest than ever. Anyone can create content with their smartphones. You need to go a bit further to stand out. Boring video content will be shut down after seconds only, so avoid the fluff and stick to quick answers straight away. Video content can be shared on personal websites, but most people digest it over social media.

Based on “Mobile Marketing Statistics,” the average mobile usage per user and mobile traffic will likely to increase in the future. Therefore, creating a mobile friendly website that includes rich multimedia videos will increase your effective content marketing.  

6. Case studies do help

Feel free to expose case studies and showcase results. People are interested to know how a product or service can help. With these thoughts in mind, a page showcasing such studies is imperative – regularly perform a new case study.

There are plenty of ideas, and they must be adjusted based on the product or service.

7. Do it with your audience in mind

You are less likely to get conversions if people are not interested in what you are doing or you cannot reach the ideal audience. The content you provide must be highly relevant – more importantly, it must provide exciting points of view or solutions to common problems.

To do it by the book, you must put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

8. Quality over quantity

There will be fewer people reading repetitive posts or posts that bring in information everyone already knows – even though it is written differently. Instead, people would instead read short but qualitative posts – straightforward and straight to the topic.

While consistency is important, you must avoid spam of low-quality content. No one will bother reading it, meaning you will soon lose your audience.

9. Mix up things

Sharing your content over the Internet can go in more directions. Back in the day, text was the top choice. However, the Internet is more advanced than ever. Images are just as important, not to mention the vast majority of people digesting video content.

The more varied your content is, the more people it will reach. Some people are not bothered about reading posts – they would rather watch a two-minute video, for example.

10. Feel free to experiment

You should know already what kind of content provides more traffic. If you do not, there are plenty of programs to check analytics. Figure out what topics gain more attention. Some businesses can do with inspirational content. Some others are more about how-to guides.

Focus on things that draw attention. Improve them and experiment with them until you reach the desired results.


In summary, content marketing takes time and work. What works for some businesses or products will not work for everyone else. While many principles are identical, the truth is everyone needs to optimize their strategies for different results.

From many points of view, content marketing is about trial and error and takes time.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer from Louisville. Lori creates news and informative articles about copywriting, freelance, and creative writing. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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