Tools That Can Help You Boost Your Article Ranking in SERP


Tools That Can Help You Boost Your Article Ranking in SERP


If you are in a digital business, you know that top Google rankings are the pinnacle of generating revenue from the digital market.

The organic CTR breakdown shared by Backlinko gave some amazing insights. 

It shows that the #1 webpage on the first page of Google SERPs received more than 27% of organic clicks. The top 10 web pages on the first page of Google SERPs receive more than 85% organic clicks.

On the other hand, webpages on the second page receive a touch of over 0.6% clicks. That’s a huge margin, isn’t it? 

That’s surely a spear of thought for digital marketers, newbies, and veterans who have struggled to rank their content on the first page of Google without being penalized.

It takes a lot of time, dedication, resourcefulness, persistence, and creativity to crack the code of top ranking in SERP. However, there are a few tools that you can use to improve your results.

So, this article will help you discover the top digital marketing tools that can help you boost your article ranking in SERP.

Digital Marketing Tools & How They Help?


More and more people are adopting digital marketing as a mainstream means to promote their businesses, considering how digital media users are growing exponentially. As a result, the competition for ranking on top search engines has become stiffer. 

Your work’s cut out when ranking your article, no matter how unique or relevant it is. 

Before anything, you need to go through your content strategy and fix the loop wholes. You may need to revamp your content strategy from scratch. 

For example:

  • Your content plan may lack trend analysis, which is why your blog posts can’t appeal to the readers. 

  • You may need to revise the keywords and fit in the latest ones.

  • Your content may be lacking authority or backlinks it needs to rank on SERPs.   

For all these tasks, you’ll need some extra help – software and tools that make ranking your articles effortlessly easy. 

What marketing tools would suit your content strategy? What tools can help you rank your articles on SERPs?  

Let’s find out.

Top 9 Tools to Rank Your Articles Higher in SERP

While creating a content strategy from scratch, you must know about content marketing tools used for data collection, measuring performance, SEO, content creation, and distribution.  And even if you are not and don’t know anything about the best SEO tools, we are here with a list that you should check below.

  1. Google Search Console

If you want to know how your website is doing on Google SERPs, then the best free SEO tool that you can use is Google Search Console. All you must do is go to their website and register your account. After that, the website will provide you with a unique code.

This way, when you launch your website from the owner or editor’s point of view, you will be able to see how the website appears to other users on Google and what you can do to improve it.

Remember that registering your account on Google Console won’t help your website appear in search engines. Instead, it will give you control over how it shows up in the engine and suggest some necessary steps to improve your ranking.

  1. KWFinder

When creating content for your article, you need keywords to rank it higher on search engines. But how would you know what relative keywords for your topic?

You can use a tool to find keywords; that is where KWFinder will help. It is a valuable tool for tracing long-tail keywords that don’t have a higher level of competition on Google. The KWFinder is the best-paid tool for finding keywords and offers solid analysis reports on backlinks and SERPs.

You can also use this tool to determine the ranking of your website on Google and improve the position however you see fit.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another content marketing tool that works as a crawler to identify your website’s weakest spots. And according to experienced digital marketers, if you are looking for the best-paying SEO marketing tool, you can’t get better than Ahrefs.

Once you pay for the premium version of this tool, the software will provide you with a list of backlinks that your competitors are using to boost their business. So, you can incorporate a similar type of backlinks on your website.

So, this tool can boost your ranks if you’re an online startup just beginning to set foot in the digital world.

  1. SEMRush

SEMRush is a content marketing application that lets you view your Google rankings and any latest changes you made while giving new suggestions to improve your ranking.

Most experienced marketers use this application for Domain Vs. Domain analysis. This feature renders data that will provide massive search and website traffic information. Comparing your website’s traffic to your competitor’s will help you develop a better strategy to improve your position on search engines.

  1. SpyFu

If you want to dig deeper into SEO analysis and come out victorious, then SpyFu is the content marketing tool you must explore.

This is very easy and simple to use, and we highly recommend it for business owners and marketers who have just started their careers. SpyFu allows you to identify the number of searches applied to a specific keyword, and you can analyze their strength.

This way, you will know which keywords have a more solid chance of showing up in search engines and which keywords won’t. That’s precisely what you need to know to rank your article on SERPs.

  1. Ubersuggest

Another keyword finder tool that you can use is Ubersuggest. This app allows you to find valuable keywords and check the ranking of websites that have already incorporated the exact keywords in their content.

The best part about Ubersuggest is that it lets you identify short and long-tail keywords and suggest their best use. You will also find various metrics reports on Ubersuggest, including seasonal trends, CPC, and keyword volume.

  1. Woorank

If you wish to improve your SERP ranking, you must use analytics and always get reports on your strategy. The Woorank is a content marketing tool that allows you to get analysis reports on your marketing data.

This is an excellent tool for analyzing keywords and how well they are ranking on SERP. The Woorank is also great if you’d like to look into your competitor’s content, figure out which keywords they are using and adjust your content accordingly.

Another fantastic feature of this software is that it identifies security loopholes in your website. It will help you deal with these loopholes and secure your website from cyber-attacks.

  1. Majestic

Majestic is an excellent marketing tool you can use anytime during your website’s development. In addition, this software will let you analyze where your website ranks on Google.

It also comes with a site explorer feature that will tell you:

  • How many backlinks exist on your website?

  • Who has linked to your website?

The second question is more important. 

Did you know that less than 10 percent of webpages get organic traffic from Google because they have high-quality backlinks? 

This is why evaluating your backlinks and comparing them with your competitors’ is key to your website’s success. And this is where Majestic holds importance.

  1. Google Trends

has been a long-serving presence in the world of digital marketing, but the way we see it, it has always needed to be more utilized.

This tool provides you with information relative to keywords and updates about trending topics regarding the content you’re posting. Since we have recommended quite a list of SEO tools, Google Trends is ideal for those who are just beginning and have no idea where to take start from.

This is an incredible tool if you are in the developmental stages of your website and need to find the right direction.

Some FAQs About SERP & Content Marketing

Answering some of the most frequently asked questions about content marketing and SERP below,

Can my business do content marketing?

Yes, any business can do content marketing. As long as you have a digital presence, you can market yourself online to promote your services or products via content marketing for better results.

How long will it take to get my site number 1 Google rank?

If you wonder whether you can achieve success through content marketing overnight, you’re in the wrong direction. Content marketing requires persistence and hassle. 

You have to incorporate several strategies to rank your website higher on Google. And the most effective strategy is to always focus on creating unique content that is both search-friendly and user-friendly. That said, there is no set period in which you can accomplish this.

Can I build my brand identity with content marketing?

Yes, you can. Building your brand identity by any means takes time and effort. But by using content marketing, you will be spreading the same information through different channels repeatedly, which will eventually resonate with your target audience.

Final Verdict

Ranking your website on the first page of Google tends to be a challenging prospect. As mentioned earlier, it takes time, effort, persistence, and creativity, so you shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight.

However, there are specific tools that you can use to minimize the hassle to a small extent. All the tools we have mentioned above will help you assess the performance of your website, and you can take it from there.

You cannot fix a problem if you don’t know where the problem is. This is exactly what these tools will help you achieve. Analyze the performance of your website and move ahead from there.

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