What is the Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool?


The Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tools is the best AI Editorial to rewrite articles or books. But first, what is an editorial?

What is an editorial?

An editorial is written article of a person’s opinion about an issue. Usually, this person would have an authoritative position on the issue. The editorials are normally published in:

  • Newspaper
  • Blogging
  • Scholarly work
  • magazines
  • Social Media
  • SEO content
  • etc

These editorials are also published using other media channels such as

  • podcasts
  • tv programming
  • youtube
  • etc

An editorial can also mean preparing a content to be published. This published content can be an article or a book. The best Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tools can be used as the AI Editorial to assist writers to rewrite the content for publication.


What is AI Editorial?

AI Editorial is using Artificial Intelligence to help write or rewrite content for publishing. Before the revolution of the internet, dedicated writers would have to go through painful writing processes:

  • brainstorming the subject
  • gathering sources
  • writing the first draft
  • Editing the draft
  • Proofreading the final draft
  • publishing the article

However, with AI Editorial, writers can combine the first four steps in one step. Using Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool, writers can now use these steps to create an article for publishing:

  • Creating the first draft using Aiditorial
  • Proofreading the draft to remove plagiarism
  • publishing the article
Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool can “create the first draft” in seconds. Therefore, using Aiditorial can save writers hours of trying to write the first draft.

What is Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool?

Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool
Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool

Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool is an AI Editorial to rewrite content for publishing. Aiditorial (don’t confuse with auditorial) is an artificial intelligent Editorial. The Article Rewriter Tool can read and understand better and faster than human can. Aiditorial uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). This same  technology allows Aiditorial to

  • search the thersaurus
  • analyze the content
  • rewrite the content

As Aiditorial present the rewritten content back the user, the meaning and context are preserved.

How to use Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool?

Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool offers 14 days free trial. Try Aiditorial Article Rewriter Tool to see for yourself how Aiditorial help you with your editorials. Our support area will get you started.

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