Combine your PDF files without using Adobe Acrobat – Best 5 ways

Combine your PDF files without using Adobe Acrobat Best 5 ways
Looking For A Way To Merge Two PDF Files Without Using Adobe Acrobat? Adobe Too Expensive!? Here’s An In-Depth Guide On How To Do So Without Adobe!


Portable Document Formats (PDFs) are now widely used in daily life. From academic institutions to corporate offices and from real estate to biotech research, PDFs have many uses.

Without using the PDF format, no task involving documents can be finished. For example, signing closing documents when buying your dream home will involve PDF documents. There is still a way to resolve the issue. It may occasionally be difficult to manage when working with a sizable collection of separate PDF files.

Sharing files that are so scattered could be challenging. A lot of reports and data could be gathered that you need to present to someone. One file should be created from all the different reports or files containing the same data.

Fortunately, we now have access to cutting-edge technologies that can help us simplify and make our tasks more convenient. Just like Chimp Rewriter had helped thousands of bloggers generate more great niche content, these PDF tools will help with your daily tasks of organizing and combining documents.

5 tools to help you combiner PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.

There are times when managing a lot of different PDF files can be difficult. If files are spread out over a large area, it might be hard to share them. 

It is possible that you are compiling a variety of reports and data to present to someone. Files or reports that contain the same data should be combined into a single file.


Ave PDF is a well-liked PDF utility tool with excellent accessibility for users.  

You can quickly and effectively compress your PDF files using Ave PDF

Your data is protected by the latest encryption techniques available.After 30 minutes, all documents are instantly removed f rom the systems.

After processing, you have the option to remove your file by clicking the dustbin symbol manually.


  • An upload limit of 256MB
  • A Total of 52 PDF Tools  
  • Clean and simple UI
  • Direct Uploads from Google Drive, URL, and Dropbox. 


  • Only Online

Another popular online PDF combiner tool is It is a simple web tool that enables you to manage and integrate several files, including PDFs.

It is an easy-to-use and free PDF combiner that keeps your private PDF information secure by not storing it on its servers.

Similarly, this Mergepdf tool produces the greatest results while maintaining perfect file quality.

Any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection can easily access the tool.


  • Free to use
  • Accessible Online
  • Easy to Use UI Design 
  • No Loss of File Quality
  • Safe and Secure to Use 
  • Multi-Device Compatibility


  • Online


TinyWow online tool offers many utilities that range from a combiner to video tools and other useful tools to assist you with problems of all kinds.

Almost every function you may possibly need for your PDF files is available in the Tinywow PDF tools.

PDF files can be easily compressed, combined, altered, rotated, divided, and more with only a few mouse clicks. On the Tinywow tool website, you can use many tools without paying anything.

Users no longer need to choose between untidy, unsafe applications, third-party programs, etc. Using their website, you can quickly organize, save, and share data across numerous devices.

The Tinywow tools are simple to use and cost nothing at all for the user. After 15 minutes, the website deletes all raw and processed files. An additional benefit for users is the lack of any form of registration, downloads, or subscriptions.


  • No User Limits
  • No Advertisements
  • Google Drive Access
  • More than 145+ Tools
  • All Key Tools Available
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accessibility on the Internet


  • Only Online


With the help of this free and straightforward web application, you can easily combine any PDF into a single PDF document without the need to install any software.

No adverts, signup process, or email confirmation are required to use this online tool. Users of this free online PDF tool can make use of all the functionality, including page rearranging, dividing, editing, and combining PDFs.

This PDF merge tool is practical and simple to use. The use of our online PDF combiner is 100 percent secure.

Speed is essential since nobody likes to wait. No matter how big the files are, using the online tool to combine them just takes a few seconds.

Fully web-based and usable from any computer, this PDF joiner is available everywhere. Up to 20 PDF files and photos can be dropped into the drop zone by the user from their PC.


  • 20 files upload at once
  • Only 1-hour file retention
  • Accessibility on the Internet 


  • No Cloud Storage Available


You can effortlessly compress, edit, and carry out many other actions with your PDF files, like editing PDF files, with the use of the online Gogo PDF tool.

If necessary, the tool makes it very easy to reorder specific pages in your PDF manually. Additionally, you can reorder your PDF pages by removing, adding, rotating, or rotating them as appropriate.

Sharing your document is easy once you have accomplished your goal.

The tool can be used without difficulty on any operating system, including windows, mac or Linux, and with any internet browser, including Google Chrome.


  • Fast Resizing
  • Precise Results
  • Strict Privacy Policy
  • Fantastic Browser Compatibility


  • No Cloud Storage Available


Without using the PDF format, no task involving documents can be finished.

There is still a way to resolve the issue. It may occasionally be difficult to manage when working with a sizable collection of separate PDF files.

There are plenty of tools available to help you merge your documents in an efficient and organized manner. This article highlights the top 5 tools that can make document combining a breeze.

These online tools are not only free, but they also offer the user the ease and convenience in terms of combining PDF documents. 

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